And so begins the swearing section of the record. Look away now mum. I’ve tried to build you up to this by swearing in my writings about songs that don’t themselves contain any bad words. You’re welcome. As you all know, WTF is internet-generation acronym speak for “what the fridge”. Now I’m allowed to say it, I just can’t. LOOK AWAY MOTHER.

This is another one from circa 15 years ago when I’d just moved into a flat where I lived alone, had just lost my job and had no money to pay for the scary-as-fuck mortgage and bills I had just acquired. My mental state was in a state, and it took months before I really got through it, got a job (games tester at EA, which is a proper job in case my mother has defied me and is still reading) and got back on my feet. Sometimes you have to go pretty far down the hole before you can truly appreciate the climb back out.

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